Get Involved


The Nosara Food Bank is occasionally in need of volunteers to help in the following ways:


Monthly Distribution
Delivery Drivers

We are in need of volunteer drivers, who have their own means of transportation, to aid in the delivery of monthly distribution boxes to those families who are unable to attend the distribution events.


Large Item Transport Drivers

We need volunteers who are willing to assist in the pick-up and drop-off of large donation items, such as mattresses and furniture. 


Holiday Bell Ringers

During the holidays we need volunteers to solicit for food bank donations at local supermarkets.


Holiday Gift Wrappers

Every Food Bank child receives a new wrapped toy at Christmas time and a new item of clothing or a pair of sandals - also wrapped.  The Head of Household receives a gift bag with donated hygiene items (all of those little hotel shampoos you donate go in these bags) and also things like Q-tips and band-aids.  Needless to say, all of this wrapping and gift bag filling takes a lot of Elves.  A super fun volunteer opportunity.


Volunteer Inquiry

If you are interested in becoming a Nosara Food Bank volunteer, please contact us using the form below.

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